- Top 6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cabinets Waterproof

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cabinets Waterproof

The future of modern bathroom designs is here with us! Gone are the days when a bathroom would be a small empty cube. Nowadays, new designs have emerged that make bathrooms a much more comfortable place to be. The introduction of bathroom cabinets has its share of challenges, the major one being the susceptibility of the typical wooden components to decay. The bathroom environment is usually moist, hence affecting the durability of wooden units. So how do we ensure the durability of the cabinets? Here are the top 6 ways to make them waterproof.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating has long been used in automobile bodyworks to prevent rusting. Similarly, applying a ceramic coat on your bathroom cabinets can protect them from direct contact with moisture. Consequently, they tend to have a long lifespan since the absence of direct contact with water would mean minimal or no decay.

Lacquer coating

Lacquer is a waterproof aqueous substance processed from tree resin and waxes. It is used in the construction and interior design industries for decoration, rust protection, and decay prevention. Lacquer can also work marvelously when used on bathroom cabinets. Applying it as a coating protects the wooden parts from decomposing once in contact with moisture.

Stainless steel coating

This is one of the oldest techniques in rust prevention. It is also suitable for making surfaces waterproof. You can either make your cabinets entirely out of stainless steel or opt to cover the wooden parts only. This makes your cabinets not only shiny but also waterproof.

Concrete slabs

When wood becomes too prone to water damage, you can turn to concrete-based cabinets. Unlike wood, concrete is known to get harder when exposed to moisture. Therefore, it would be a prudent idea to use it as the main material for your bathroom cabinets since they would last longer compared to wooden ones.

Aluminum coating

Aluminum is another widely used material in rust protection. Due to its inert chemical state when exposed to open air, it serves as a long-lasting coating in moisture-rich environments. Similarly, Aluminium can also be used to coat bathroom cabinets. Its inert property makes it an ideal heavy-duty choice for waterproof cabinets.

Plastic coating

This is an obvious one. Although the use of plastics attracts massive resistance from environmental conservation agencies, these materials remain one of the most waterproof synthetic substances. Plastics have zero chemical reaction activity when exposed to moisture. Therefore, they are suitable for protecting your bathroom cabinets from water-induced damage.


Bathroom cabinets are good and visually aesthetic. They depict modern designs that are an improved version typical bathroom design. Besides the physical appeal, their durability depends on the material used. Homeowners should be wary of the material they use for their cabinets. Wood is known to decay when in contact with moisture. Therefore, alternatives such as ceramic, lacquer, stainless steel, concrete, aluminium, and plastic coatings can make your cabinets waterproof and durable.

George Boyadjian
Author: George Boyadjian

George has 24 years experience in the cabinet making and finish carpentry field with license from CSLB #856973.