- Cherry Cabinets A Brief Description

Cherry Cabinets A Brief Description

It’s been centuries now, cherry kitchen cabinets have been a mainstay in classic kitchen designs and styles. This famous hardwood is derived from the American Black Cherry tree and is noted for its gorgeous warm color variations and peculiar ageing process. Cherry wood is appreciated by woodworkers and carpenters because of its high quality, somewhat firm texture, strength, and stress resistance, making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking for cherry cabinets, you’ll find the details you need below, featuring important attributes, various finishes, pricing, and types.

Specifications of Cherry cabinets

Cherry wood is a type of wood with hues ranging from light white to light brown with a distinctive reddish tinge. Curls, pin knots, gum streaks and random swirls are common in the grain. Although this wood has traditionally been used for classic furniture styles such as Gothic, Rustic, and Plain, its adaptability also lends itself to more streamlined and modern kitchen designs. However, if your kitchen gets a lot of sun light, your cherry cabinets will darken rapidly, so it is highly recommended that, while purchasing your cabinetry, choose a color that you will still like after it darkens a few shades.

Finishing of cherry cabinets

Because of its distinct and often unexpected ageing process, cherry wood is a good pick for cabinets. Another advantage is that it accepts stains and polishes well enough and settles to a smooth finish. Cherry kitchen cabinets will make your house seem warm and inviting, whether you start with a lighter color variation and finish or opt for a classic, deep cherry glaze. It’s best to go with a varnished, glazed, or all-natural oil finish.

Type of cherry cabinets for a perfect look of your kitchen

Glazed cherry cabinets

Glazed cherry cabinets are ideal for a classic kitchen. The glaze will cover and preserve the deeper stain used on your cabinets, sealing in the rich hue. A glazed treatment will guarantee that the inherent qualities of the cherry come through as your cabinets darken with age.

All natural cherry cabinets

Although cherry cabinets are frequently associated with a deeper color, leaving them in their natural warm brown tint with reddish overtones is ideal for putting together a kitchen that is both adaptable and full of character. Choose a Tung or linseed oil treatment to allow your natural cherry cabinets to deepen with age.

Cost of cherry cabinets

You should always expect to pay 15 to 25% more for cherry cabinets when remodeling your kitchen than you would for the maple or oak cabinets. Try ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets in maple, birch, or ash with a cherry-type finish for a less expensive choice that still gives you the desired, rich cherry look. It is also necessary to budget for any custom fitting, demolition work and custom installation features. Starting with a kitchen design is a wonderful method to create a budget for your remodeling project. This will assist you in developing your plan and accounting for any additions you may require while installing your new kitchen.

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