- A Guide For The Selection Of Kitchen Cupboards

A Guide For The Selection Of Kitchen Cupboards

Cupboards, more than any other feature, dictate a kitchen’s style. The style and function of the kitchen are defined by the flooring, fixtures, lighting, appliances, and even worktops. Many people go into the cupboard shopping process thinking that “a cupboard is a cupboard.” They are frequently disappointed when they see their first design strategy, which is usually a cost far higher than their “expected budget” and includes particle board cabinet boxes.

Many buyers will begin to educate themselves on kitchen and bath cupboards at this stage, and will discover that there are three major “grades” of cupboards. Here’s a checklist for choosing the right kitchen cupboards.

Standard kitchen cupboards

Many of today’s in-demand features, such as soft-close doors and drawers, are not available in a kitchen created with stock or standard grade cabinets. Wood door styles may be limited to two or three species, such as maple and oak while laminated door styles will often only be available in white.

There will be a limited amount of accessory and detail options, and by far the most prevalent colors and finishes. Stock/standard grade kitchen cupboards are practical, have a nice finish, and are frequently an excellent value for money for budget-conscious customers.

Semi-custom kitchen cupboards

When homeowners switch to semi-custom kitchen cupboards, the first noticeable difference is the increased range of door design options, which typically represent popular regional styles as well as timeless classics. The plethora of cupboard alternatives, such as Lazy Susan base cabinets, pull-out trays, and wine racks, as well as more intricate molding and accessory options, are typically another plus point.

Semi-custom cupboards often include more wood species, such as cherry, hickory, and high-quality laminates like therm of oil, as well as construction modifications like as plywood boxes and dovetail drawers. Another significant distinction between semi-custom and custom cupboards is the vastly expanded finish possibilities, which frequently include paints and glazes. Depending on the items chosen, you may consider spending between 50% and 100% more for a semi-custom kitchen.

Custom kitchen cupboards

Custom kitchen cupboards are the finest that can be built in your home, and they provide incomparable versatility. Many choices seen in semi-custom cupboards, like as plywood construction and soft-close doors and drawers, become common components at this level.

To meet every taste, there will be an almost overwhelming variety of door type and finish possibilities. You’ll also discover a large range of trim and molding options to make your new kitchen seem as good as the traditional “Country house” The custom kitchen cupboards frequently involve the possibility to change the size and purpose of cupboards. Prices in a customized line are often two to five times greater than a design developed in a semi-custom label.

As you begin planning your new kitchen, it is recommended to remember not all cupboards are built the same.  Be sure to research your options and choose a line that fits your budget, your tastes, and adds beauty and value to your home.

George Boyadjian
Author: George Boyadjian

George Boyadjian has 24 years experience in the cabinet making & finish carpentry field with license from CSLB #856973