- Different Types Of Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Different Types Of Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen CabinetKitchen cabinets are an item of built-in furniture installed in a lot of modern kitchens for cooking equipment, storage of food, and sometimes silverware and dishes for table service. Appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry.

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets:

You may notice some Kitchen cabinets outside your home that youd like to integrate into your kitchen. Although, before you decide to install any new kitchen cabinets, be sure that you know the different types of cabinets, all of which are great options.

Before picking a kitchen cabinet, keep in mind that they are majorly split into the following three categories.

  1. Wall Kitchen Cabinets

As its name shows, wall kitchen cabinets are installed on the kitchen wall using screws. These wall cabinets can be the fanciest and most decorative part of the modern kitchen if installed well. You can as well extend the kitchen cabinets’ wall to the ceiling, to store the less frequently used items. If you’re using it mainly for storage purposes, use it to store all your food items or kitchen accessories that are less bulky.

  1. Utility Kitchen Cabinets

Also called tall cabinets, utility kitchen cabinets can extend from the floor to the ceiling, and also, they can be freestanding pieces. As long as these cabinets have a very functional purpose, you will never be out of storage space if you install a utility cabinet. These are also great for organizational purposes to help sort all your chaotic items and to have them accessible all the time. In fact, with little technical help, you can install ovens and microwaves as well in these kitchen cabinets. And if you’re using it mainly for storage purposes, from an extended amount of food supplies (flour, sugar, pickles, sauces, fruits, Nut butter, and much more) and cleaning items, to household appliances such as ovens and microwaves, utility cabinets bring an important amount of storage.

  1. Base Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re designing your kitchen, you can position these base kitchen cabinets directly on the kitchen floor. These cabinets support the counter top from below. You can as well install the sink within the base cabinets, accompanied by other appliances such as dishwashers or microwaves. Base kitchen cabinets are adaptable in general. It is a bad idea to build a kitchen without them, but what will the counter top be laid on top of? Essentially, it defines the layout of the kitchen.

Base Kitchen CabinetsBase cabinets are, after all, the most expensive type of kitchen cabinets. But if you’re using it mainly for storage purposes, from flatware and ceramics to appliances and tools, a wide variety of items can go into the base cabinets. Therefore, of all the types of kitchen cabinets, base kitchen cabinets form the largest part of the kitchen.

Lastly, these three types are the main categories of kitchen cabinets. Each one of them serves a huge purpose and, altogether, they can make your life in the kitchen much easier.

George Boyadjian
Author: George Boyadjian

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