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Transform Your
Kitchen With Refacing

Save time and money by refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Change the hardware to soft close, change the color, the look and feel of your kitchen.

What’s The Process Of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets?

Refacing is not refinishing your old cabinets with new paint.  With refacing, you can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen by picking a new door style and upgrading cabinet door and drawer hardware to soft close.  You can add roll out drawers for easy access, add trash can pullouts, change to new crown moldings, and change to color of your cabinets to a new stain or paint finish of your choice.  Refacing is like getting a whole new kitchen, except you keep your existing cabinets.

A big advantage of refacing your existing kitchen is, you can modify your existing cabinets to fit new appliances, as well as making additional cabinets to extend your kitchen and give you more storage and counter space.  Additionally, change your old tile countertops to new granite or quartz, as well as redoing a new backsplash and adding new lighting under cabinets and on your ceiling.

A refacing kitchen project takes half the time of a full kitchen remodel and allows you to save significant amounts of money, compared to doing a complete kitchen remodel.

    Take a look at some of our recently completed refacing projects below and give us a call to see how much money we can save you and what additional services we can provide for your home.

    The Work

    Our experienced and professional installers will start by removing all of your existing cabinet doors, drawers, hardware and moldings.

    Once that is complete, we will sand the face of your current cabinets and apply new wood veneers to easily re-lacquer your cabinets with your desired color.

    From there, we move to add the new doors, install the new drawer boxes, rollouts and new soft close hardware. Adjust the and modify your cabinets for new appliances.  Then we’ll install new moldings and other trim to bring everything in together for completion.

    Once all cabinet work is completed, we will move to apply the new paint or stain of your choice.  In the end, your kitchen will have a completely new look and feel.

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    How Much Does Cost To Reface A Kitchen & How Long Does It Take?

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