- Guide Of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Guide Of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are a simple and classy way to update the look of your kitchen. A streamlined, contemporary kitchen design with integrated appliances, careful lighting, and a variety of levels keeps your area clutter-free while giving you more room to rest and enjoy.

Handle less cabinets

If you want a more paired-back, linear area, fewer cabinets is the way to go. Linear Edge, the most recent design, is a handle less door with a clean-lined full-width cutback for a highly modern look. Its in-frame structure offers it an advantage over flat-fronted versions and ensures that it is exceptionally robust. The absence of handles helps to make a room appear bigger in smaller kitchen areas, while it eliminates an overload of steel handles in a kitchen with modern kitchen cabinets.

If you don’t want to go with completely handle less doors, you may give a set of traditional Shaker cabinets a modern twist by adding sleek bar handles, modern built-in appliances, and cool composite worktops. Mix and match designs with flat-fronted wall cabinets for extra modern flair.

Interior soffit

Clean, uncluttered work surfaces are essential in modern design. While we all want that iconic – and frequently used – Kitchen Aid mixer on display, it doesn’t always apply to all of the other kitchen knickknacks. Kitchen clutter must be hidden, especially in open-plan kitchens, so include lots of storage with deep pan drawers and tambour cabinets to hide small appliances, glassware, and crockery.

Modern kitchen cabinets with floor-to-ceiling handles may cover a multitude of flaws, so if you have the room, they’re a fantastic investment. Remember that in order for your kitchen to run well, you’ll want quick access to all of these items when you need them, so place pan drawers near ovens, larders near prep areas, and crockery near the dishwasher.

Plain white worktops 

The newest composites are ideal for modern kitchens since their color and pattern are constant, and the variety of colors has expanded in recent years to encompass anything from pure bright white to zingy orange. Plain white worktops look great with modern kitchen cabinets, companies like Siltstone and Ceasar stone now provide man-made composites that appear like natural materials. While they may resemble marble or concrete in appearance, the actual benefit of these surfaces is that they are far easier to maintain than natural stones, particularly porous ones like marble. They’re also fantastic for producing splash backs.


Modern kitchens cabinets are focused about clean lines, and appliances are no exception, integrate as many appliances as possible, and put devices like washing machines and tumble dryers in utility rooms as possible. Install basic under cabinet, in-ceiling, or pop-up extractors instead of elaborate hanging pendants to keep sightlines clean, keep fridges and freezers hidden behind closed doors, and invest in good-looking, hardworking built-in kitchen appliances and a sleek glass zoned induction burner. Finish with a few modern conveniences like Quooker’s hot water tap, pop-up power outlets, and cool lighting for the perfect look of your kitchen.