- Six Ways To Modernize Your Cherry Cabinets

Six Ways To Modernize Your Cherry Cabinets

For many years, Cherry cabinets served at the very front of the kitchen plan. A rich and lavish ageless expansion to any home, the cherry cabinets are made from famous hardwood known for its dazzling tone and the special aging process.

When you leave the cabinets of cherry wood unstained, they lose sheen—in the interim, turning the hazier areas to rosy-brown and lighter areas to yellowish-brown. Many homeowners question if they are going out of style. Well no! The cabinets have been at the leading edge of home design for a really long time and will go on in the future as well.

Are you worried about Cherry cabinets actually being introduced inside the kitchen? Want to figure out ways to renew your outdated Cherry cabinets in the kitchen? Relax! I have something to share with you. You can now modernize your Cherry wood cabinets at home by incorporating new design ideas. Here in this article, we’ve chosen six ways by which you can upgrade your Cherry cabinets. Keep intact and get to learn some ideas!

How to Make Cherry Cabinets Look Modern 

Here we have sorted out some ideas for you that will keep the dull-conditioned cabinets of your cooking place upgraded. So, without further delay, let’s have a look!

With White Countertop

Next to cabinets, the countertop serves as the most prominent thing in the kitchen. Since it turns dark and warm, adding a white countertop will flash wonderful brightness and light some to the décor. As the two are in natural contrast, the white and cherry will give a cheerful look to your kitchen.

With a Lighter Backsplash

Albeit the backsplash isn’t a major thing, visually, it influences the look of your kitchen. For cherry cabinetry, go for a lighter shaded backsplash for your kitchen. You can choose white, off-white, Or beige colors to make your cooking place look modernized.

Steel Appliances and Hardware

In order to give a brand new look to your kitchen, buy new appliances. And for cabinetry, go for new hardware. For upgrading your cooking place to a modern design, buy steel Appliances; these will for sure change the whole look of the cooking place.

Add New Colors to Your Kitchen

Select a color that fits well in your kitchen and start painting. Painting your kitchen, either the entire room Or as an accent will modernize your dark cabinetry of cherry wood. You don’t have any restrictions on choosing a color. However, we have selected some choices that may help you to upgrade your cooking place. These are off-white and white, Grey, Blue, Green, and primary colors.

Get New Furniture

The reason for the ugly look of your kitchen might be the old furniture. Swap all your old furniture and buy a modern-looking set to make your kitchen look cheerful.

Purchase Art

Another idea for upgrading the look of your darkened cabinetry of cherry wood is to buy some matching art. Updating an art in the kitchen can change the vibe of the whole space. You will love your cooking place after purchasing some art.


Cherry cabinets have been always at the front line of kitchen design. However, the wood used in the cabinetry of cherry loses its good-natured style. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways by which you can modernize your dark kitchen. As said earlier, painting, adding new furniture, using a white countertop, and a light backsplash can change can add a new style to your kitchen.

George Boyadjian
Author: George Boyadjian

George Boyadjian has 22 years experience in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinet making & finish carpentry field with C6 license from CSLB# 856973