Fresno Custom Kitchen, Bath, Garage Cabinets Remodeling Refacing

Shipping Policy:

We ship all our ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities as well as other wood products. On average, your order will ship in 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday), not including the transit time. Like all companies, we can not avoid unforeseen problems with shipping,including delays in transit, delays at the main warehouse, or any items that may be on back order. We will do our best to keep your updated with the items you ordered.

With the volume of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities that we are shipping, we continue to negotiate for the best possible rates. Depending on the size of your order, we will utilize the best mode of transportation (Parcel or Less-Than-Truckload) to ensure that your shipping costs are kept at a minimum. Due to the weight and size of some of the boxes of the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, we ship using every supplier including UPS or Fedex. The freight rates are automatically generated based on the weight of the shipment, destination zip code, and the best carrier for that region. Because of the constant changes in fuel prices and shipping costs, quotas are subject to modification at our discretion.

A website generated shipping price is not guaranteed to be accurate due to these conditions, and we reserve the right to change shipping costs if applicable.

Residential delivery is defined as curbside delivery to your home (it does not include inside delivery, lift gate, or any additional accessorial). If you are not willing or able to accept curbside delivery by yourself, you will have to make arrangements to have someone there to help. In some cases, where the shipment is too heavy for the driver to place on the ground all at once, you may be required to assist the driver to get your cabinet order removed from the delivery truck. So it is very important to have someone there that is physically capable of helping if need be.

Please make sure that the delivery address is correct for your order. Fine kitchen cabinet will NOT be responsible for ANY address errors made by the purchaser when checking out. In the event you realize you made an error with the shipping address please contact us immediately to correct the mistake. If we can correct the mistake before your shipment leaves our facility you will not incur any additional charges.

Storage Fees will be applied to any order that is held for more than 10 business days at a rate of $35.00 per day. Any special requests for holding an order must be made prior to

Return Policy:

In person pick up and delivery

Before you pick your order, please inspect everything accurately. Once order is placed and paid for, there absolutely no refunds. If you return the product unopened and undamaged within 7 days you may get store credit with 25% restoking fee. After 7 days there are no returns and no store credit.

Not What You Ordered:

While we would like to claim that we are perfect, we are human, so occasionally you may receive the wrong size or style than what you ordered. You will notice that the boxes are very similar in size and shape, so it is important that you check your order before opening the boxes. The size and style is located on the sides of the boxes. If you happen to receive the wrong size or style of kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanities, please contact us within 48 hours at (559) 917-5336, and we will do our best to expedite you the correct size or style. If you had your items shipped by carrier we may request to have that same OR different carrier return the items. If you picked your products up at our location, you are required to return them to our location.


Ordered the Wrong Size/Style:

While we are more than willing to correct our mistakes, we can’t be held responsible for measuring errors or if the color is not what you expected (we strongly encourage ordering a sample before buying). Before ordering your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, please make sure that the color you order is exactly what you want. If you receive your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and find that they are the wrong size, we will gladly replace your order, but you will be charged for the return of the wrong kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities and the delivery charges for the new kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.


Restocking Fee:

We try our best to accommodate our customers and take back any and all cabinets that we can re-sell. However, we strongly encourage that our customers order a sample door and check their measurements carefully before ordering cabinets. Any cabinets that you wish to change or return will incur a 25% restocking fee per cabinet or accessory. There is a 25% restocking fee on custom ordered items. Customer is will also be responsible for the shipping costs associated with shipping the product back if it is already en-route to your or has already been received. Refund is issued within 30 days of us receiving the product and inspecting it for damages. If damage is found, we will notify you and you will be responsible for filing a claim with the carrier to get reimbursed.  There are no returns after 30 days under any circumstances

How to Return Items:

If you wish to return a cabinet or something that you purchased, it is important that you create a Return Authorization Number, therefore we know it is coming and can make sure credit is properly applied. To do this, call us at 559-917-5336 and pull the order that the product was purchased under. It will walk you through the steps. If you would like us to create a label for you to return the item with, we can do so and bill the charges back to you. It is important to make sure that all items that are being returned are properly packaged IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOXES. Once received it will be inspected for damages and the corresponding return stocking fee will be applied (unless otherwise stated).

Cancellation Policy:

Once an order is placed, we allow up to 48 hours for a customer to cancel their order (since we have to shuttle products between multiple facilities). Any orders cancelled after that 48 hour period or during transit, will incur a 25% restocking fee. For orders canceled in transit, you will be responsible for return shipping costs in addition to the restocking fee. You will be refunded within 30 days after we receive the shipment back and inspect it. If we find that there are damages due to excess transit time your refund may take a bit longer until a proper inspection by the trucking company can occur.

Storage Fees:

In the event that an order has been shipped from our facility, and the trucking company has made attempts to contact you to establish a delivery date and time and you do not provide them with a response or agreed upon date, you may incur storage fees set forth by the trucking company. Since we use a third party to deliver your cabinets it is your responsibility to pay any such storage fees. Company is not liable to pay any storage fees associated with an order for any reason. We reserve the right to charge these storage fees to the responsible parties.

Natural Wood Disclaimer:

Variations in color and grain are a natural characteristic of wood. Changes in color on finished wood and thermafoil products can occur due to exposure to light and other environmental factors. These variations and color changes are not deemed defective and therefore are not covered in the claims process or under our warranty.


Variations in our cabinetry’s hand applied finishes and glazes are what give each piece its distinctive look and these variations are not considered to be defects in material or workmanship.

The stain and paint that we sell has been expertly matched by Sherwin Williams to match the finish on your cabinets. It is intended for touchups, as we only sell them in pints. If you choose to purchase pints and paint unfinished wood, know that the finished product may not be an exact match. The wood species, grain, and porousness all have to be taken into account.

Changes to Finishes or Product Design:

Fine Kitchen Cabinet may modify product due to supplier availability and for changes or improvements, but is under no obligation to make these changes to previously manufactured product. If a warranty claim is filed after a product or finish becomes obsolete, Fine Kitchen Cabinet reserves the right to honor the warranty in the following ways:

  • To replace the affected component with a new component of the same style
  • To replace the affected component with any other component(s) to achieve a similar appearance with a style that is comparable in appearance, color, design or construction based upon current product offerings.


Our cabinets and vanities are packaged to minimize the damage that can occur in transit. Since the RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are made of solid wood and plywood with some exceptions, it is uncommon that damage occurs. That being said, we can’t control what happens to your order once the trucking company picks it up. Since we use 3rd party carriers for our deliveries, they assume liability for the product once it is picked up. In the event that a box arrives with visible damage or missing items, it is very important to note the damages or missing items on the delivery receipt while the driver is present. All visible damage must be noted on the delivery receipt and vanity tops MUST be opened in front of the driver, otherwise the trucking company will not accept a claim. If you open the box and find concealed damage, it MUST be reported within 48 hours to ensure that you can file a claim. If damage is found, it is important to follow the steps below to rectify the situation. If it is not reported within 48 hours, the trucking company WILL NOT acknowledge the concealed damage. It is very important to print this out and review it before your shipment arrives.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you notice any parts of your cabinets are damaged. Once we inspect the product and damage is in fact found to be our negligence or manufacturer defect, we will replace the damaged part at no cost to you.



  • Make sure that someone is physically there when your order arrives. If you selected residential delivery, it is defined as curbside delivery to your home (it does not include inside delivery, lift gate, or any additional accessorial). If you are not willing or able to accept curbside delivery by yourself, you will have to make arrangements to have someone there to help or pay for additional services.
  • Inspect each box for any obvious signs of damage before signing for your shipment. While some drivers may try to rush you, you have the right to inspect each box before you accept the shipment. If there are any holes, gashes or other damages to the outside of the box, it is very important that you note it on the delivery receipt for each and every box. FOR GRANITE VANITY TOPS – ALL TOPS MUST BE OPENED AND INSPECTED WHILE THE DRIVER IS PRESENT OR A CLAIM WILL NOT BE HONORED!
  • You must do an item count for your order to ensure nothing is missing. Once you sign the delivery receipt that says “X” amount of items are received, you are acknowledging that you have received all of your items that have been noted as being sent. If you count less cartons on your order than are stated as being sent, you must mark your delivery receipt noting any shortage. In many cases there can be multiple items in “one carton”, so it is important to do a carton count rather than a “piece” count. All Bill of Ladings will have a carton count, NOT a piece count.
  • Take note if the shrink wrap has been damaged or removed prior to them delivering it to you (smaller orders and bathroom orders may be strapped to the pallet rather than using shrink wrap). Every order is secured to the pallet. If it arrives without being secured in some fashion, it is important to note that.
  • Even though a box may look perfectly fine on the outside, it is possible that something may have cracked or received damage due to shifting in transit. Aside from the vanity tops, it is VERY IMPORTANT to open each box within a 48 hour period to see if there is any concealed damage. If there is concealed damage, it must be reported within 48 hours. If not, the trucking company WILL NOT acknowledge the damages on a claim.

In the event there are damages, please take the following steps:

  • If it is a granite top or porcelain bowl, refuse to accept the box. If it is damaged cabinet, accept it and note it on the delivery receipt.
  • Go through all of the boxes immediately. We instruct that you report shipping damage within 48 hours, in order to submit a claim with the carriers to hold them accountable for the damage and get proper replacements.
  • We instruct that CONCEALED damage be reported within 48 hours. The reason being, we are held to the claims policies of the manufacturers and vendors. In order to get your replacement parts, we need to file a claim in their time frame. Otherwise, the vendor assumes that product(s) has incurred damage while in the possession of the customer. To ensure part(s) can be replaced, check your shipment immediately.
  • Take pictures of all damages.
  • File a claim online by going to our website and creating an account if you have not already done so. You will have to do this in order to report damaged or missing items. Once you have logged in with your user ID and password, go to your account/order and click on “Report Damaged Item”. Provide as much information about the damages as possible; preferably, a detailed description of the damages and whether or not the pieces are usable; whether the shrink wrap or strapping intact; whether the damage was noted on the delivery receipt (this must be done if there is visible damage to the boxes). Include the tracking number or pro number along with the name of the carrier on the delivery receipt.
  • Whenever possible, we try to replace parts rather than replacing the entire cabinet, to expedite the process. Replacement parts will not be sent out if the cabinets/vanities are already installed with the exception of doors. If you discover damage after installation, your claim will not be honored. If you have glued a cabinet together or altered it in any way, and you are not able to un-attach the damaged part, we will NOT replace the entire cabinet.
  • You will need to attach a copy of the delivery receipt noting damaged or missing items, along with pictures of damages for our review. Replacing damaged parts are at the discretion of the claims department. If damage is not visible after installation and the damage does not affect the integrity of the cabinet, the claims department has the right to offer a small credit refund towards the damage in lieu of replacing the part. If it is determined that a part needs to be replaced, please allow approximately 10 business days for us to obtain the part from the manufacturer, however, it could take longer. While we try to stock as many of the common parts as possible, we do not stock each and every replacement part, therefore some must be shipped to us from the factory.