- 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Cherry Cabinets in Your House

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Cherry Cabinets in Your House

We all like to live in a home that is not only tranquil but also well-decorated. For this reason, we toil to get that material that assures us of durability and aesthetics for our interior design. Ever wondered why cherry cabinets are common in many houses? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should have them in your house

Multiple Color Varieties

Cherry wood exists in various colors. Whether artificially or naturally colored, cherry cabinets form part of the immediate aesthetic environment in your house. The availability of the material in multiple colors means that people have a choice over what insignia interests them. These cabinets in the living room may not only serve as storage facilities but also decorations. Once the favorite color is selected, the interior of the house becomes scintillatingly appealing to the eyes.

Water Resistance

We all know that cabinets are used to store households. It would be a nightmare for you to find out that your recently purchased cabinets are rotting due to their constant contact with wet utensils. All you need to solve this problem is to replace them with cherry cabinets, which are known to be resistant to water percolation and shrinking especially when industrially treated with heat. Cherrywood, the material used to make the cabinets, ranks 8th on the Janka Scale for the densest hardwoods in America. It is also artificially cured to form an extremely smooth surface that prevents infiltration of water into its inner structure.

Material Strength

Cabinets should be strong enough to support anything stored in them. It would be an embarrassing experience for your whole cabinet to collapse moments after installation. Cherry cabinets are made of a hardwood material derived from the deciduous prunus serotina tree; hence, are physically strong enough to resist physical stress. For this reason, you expect the cabinets to last longer than those made of softwood.

Resistance to Termite Invasion

One of the most dreaded shortfalls of wooden cabinets is their susceptibility to termite attacks. Termites tend to weaken the physical strength of wood hence reducing its lifespan. In this regard, you need a termite-resistant wooden material such as cherry wood. Cherry cabinets are durable when treated with anti-termite chemicals. Once fixed, you will never be worried about termite attacks on your beautifully installed cabinets.


While the indoor environment has several easily observable hazards, it is least known that wooden cabinets can also cause harm to your body. A simple slip against the rough wooden surface can tear your skin into shreds. Cherry cabinets are designed with smooth surfaces to avoid scratching when in contact with human skin.

To sum up, it is apparent that cabinets are treasured by every homeowner. Their usefulness goes beyond storage to aesthetics, durability, and safety. You have the choice to select the color that matches your tastes and preferences. Above all, you will also need to get a professional interior designer to fix them for you.

George Boyadjian
Author: George Boyadjian

George Boyadjian has 22 years experience in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinet making & finish carpentry field with C6 license from CSLB# 856973