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Maple Laminate Kitchen Refacing With Custom Made Cabinets

Innovative cabinet design is our forte, and we’re proud to present a project that breaks the mold.  The customer initiated the contact in the spring Home and Garden Show in Fresno. She stopped by our booth and shwoed us a pictuire of cabinetry she wanted done in her home. She said that she had contacted several cabinet companies in Fresno, and to her dissapointment, no one in town was able to do that sytle for her. For us, that is not a problem. 

Cabinet Style: Maple Laminate, Elevating Cabinetry Aesthetics

Our journey began with the decision to utilize Maple laminate for the cabinets, setting a tone of elegance and durability.

To enhance  functionality, we modified the existing cabinets to add Pullouts, Trash Cans, and Spice Rack.

Functionality is paramount in all of our kitchen designs. As customer requested, we integrated pullouts, trash cans, and spice racks seamlessly into the cabinet layout, ensuring convenience without compromising aesthetics.

We didn’t stop at conventional methods. Instead, we repurposed the old oven cabinet into spacious drawers, breathing new life into previously underutilized spaces.

Custom Cabinet Creations: Tailored Cabinets for Every Need. Understanding the unique needs of our client, we introduced a new set of custom cabinets in a distinct section, catering to their specific requirements with precision and flair.

Our client’s feedback speaks volumes. Despite approaching multiple cabinet companies in Fresno, they found none capable of executing their vision of maple laminate cabinetry with refacing the existing kitchen—until they found us in the Home and Garder Show in Spring.

Breaking Barriers: Defining Excellence in Cabinetry

At our core, we’re not just cabinet makers; we’re pioneers, breaking barriers and redefining excellence in cabinetry design.

Experience Innovation Firsthand

Are you ready to experience the revolution in cabinet design? Join us on a journey where innovation meets craftsmanship, and ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Door type: Slab, Hardrock Maple Laminate

Hardware: Soft close

Total time: 2 weeks




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