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How To Order Cabinets from Us.

Buying cabinets from us is very easy.  If you are not a professional in the residential home building trade and/or you have never purchased a kitchen cabinets before, we have included more detailed instructions on how to measure for your cabinets.  Click here for instructions.

You can visit our showroom at 2410 E. Ashlan Ave. Fresno, Ca 93726 or call at (559) 917-5336 to schedule a free design and estimate. 

When you buy cabinets from us, you will be working with a design expert that’s been in this field for as a professional and will expertise to design and help you through the process of creating your dream kitchen, bathroom, entertainment center, office cabinets or any custom cabinetry work you need.

If you already have plans, you can email them to

You can use the following the steps below.

For Kitchens & Bathroom cabinets:

    1. Measure your kitchen from wall to wall,
    2. Layout the space on a piece of paper and indicate where are any windows, stove, sink, dishwasher, microwave, hood, or any other appliances with their dimensions,
    3. Then figure out what size cabinets you need,
    4. Go to the catalog page, choose your desired cabinets sizes,
    5. Write down the cabinet part number on a separate notepad,
    6. Go pick out your desired door style from our door catalog, write that down on the notepad, also,
    7. If you want to purchase pre-fabricated cabinets, visit our pre-fab cabinets page by clicking here, then choose your desired cabinet style and color (you don’t have to choose a door style if you are going with pre-fab cabinets),
    8. After you choose all your cabinets and door style, fill out our contact form by clicking here, with the cabinet part number, the door style, pre-fab cabinet style and any other details you may have, and you are done.

For Closets and Storage Units:

Before you get started, here are a few things you’ll need to complete ahead of time:

  1. Take careful measurements, recording the width and height of every wall to the nearest 1/4 inch,
  2. Measure the width of your door, as well as the height of your closet,
  3. Take stock of the contents in your closet. Do you have several pairs of shoes or long garments,
  4. Consider what types of accessories you need to organize them (rods, shelves, baskets, drawers),
  5. Consider what type of shelving system will work best in your storage space (laminate/wood, wire).

If you have a custom piece cabinet that is not in the catalog, write down the details you have in the order form as well.  All the cabinets in our catalog can be customized any which way you want, with door styles and moldings.
For example:  If there is a cabinet that is 18″ wide 24″ deep 36″ height, and you need the with 18 3/16″ the depth 24 9/16″ and the height 34 1/2″, no problem, write down the part number, and in your order form indicate the exact size that you need next to the part number.
Also, if there is a cabinet in our catalog that does not have your desired shape, we can customize that, too.
After the plans have been submitted, our designers will put together a package for you containing the price for your cabinets, the 3-D image of what your cabinetry will look like once finished.
If this feels like something you cannot do, feel free to call us at (559) 917-5336 for a free in home estimate.